Social Media Threat: Washington High School

During the early morning hours of March 12, 2019 the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip about a possible threat of a school shooting.   The threat was received in the form of a screenshot taken of an alleged Snapchat post.  The threat did not specifically mention a Beaufort County School by name but did mention the word “freshman”.  Based on the vague information Beaufort County Sheriff’s Deputies as well as School Resource Officers were made aware and were posted at each Beaufort County High School when classes began this morning.

At this time there is no indication the threat is credible, there is no evidence from the screenshot that even points to where the threat originated and no indication that a school in Beaufort County School was the intended target of the threat.  School Resource Officers have remained at their post throughout the day with periodic checks being conducted by both Patrol Deputies and Investigators at all schools throughout the county.

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