Patrol Division

The Patrol Division performs the most visible and recognizable functions of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. The Patrol Division is committed to maintain a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Beaufort County. The Patrol Division provides the citizens of Beaufort County with Law Enforcement Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   The Patrol Division is broken down into 4 shifts. Deputies work a 12 hour shift, each shift consist of 5 deputies: a Sergeant, a Corporal and 3 deputies. In addition it maintains the School Resource Officers, Courthouse Operations to include Bailiff, Transportation, and Civil Process service. 

The Patrol Division is the agency’s first line of defense in the county’s largest law enforcement agency. Beaufort County is the fifth largest county in North Carolina. The Patrol Division responds to calls for service such as, property crimes, sexual assaults, larcenies, domestic violence, alarm activations, and traffic control.

In-between calls, deputies are pro-active in observing and investigating traffic violations, and suspicious persons. In addition, the Patrol Deputies take a pro-active approach in community policing, serving warrants, and civil process. 

School Resource Officers provide law enforcement services for all the schools within Beaufort County.  School Resource Officers investigate a variety of crimes, including larcenies, assaults, and weapon offenses.  School Resource Officers also teach DARE and GREAT programs to the school youth. The School Resource Officers are the first line of defense during school emergencies.  School Resource Officers are responsible for coordinating with other agencies in such emergencies to insure proper placement of resources.  School Resource Officers serve as liaisons between the school and the police in providing information to students and school personnel about law enforcement matters.

The Bailiff Corps is responsible for providing court room security.  Bailiffs protect the Judges and Clerks and ensure order in the courtroom.  The Bailiffs ensure court room safety by conducting safety sweeps of the building and courtrooms and screening visitors to the courtroom utilizing metal detectors and searching personal effects.  The Bailiff Corps is also responsible for overseeing the pretrial release program and transporting inmates to and from the Detention Center.  Bailiffs also assist by transporting inmates to and from other detention and prison facilities. 

Lieutenant Kelly Cox

Kelly Cox


First Sergeant
Kent Hill


First Sergeant Leonard Hudson

First Sergeant
Leonard Hudson